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In order to cultivate the changes necessary to advance high achievement while eliminating low performance, Citrus Grove Middle School will institute an instructional program with a strong focus on literacy from sixth to eighth grade. Common instructional reading materials with demonstrated success as well as supplemental materials will support critical literacy intervention across grade levels. A structured curriculum will be delivered through instruction that is driven by data. A strong emphasis will be placed on monitoring the progress of students through a variety of assessments to include teacher developed and interim district assessments which will yield student performance data that will be carefully analyzed and used to individualize instruction.

Citrus Grove Middle School recognizes that good instruction is the foundation needed to foster learning. To address this priority, high caliber professional development for teachers and administrators will occur. Collaboration with district offices will ensure that teachers' professional development experiences are based on current, effective research that targets students’ academic needs. Additionally, site-based professional development will be delivered by curriculum specialists to ensure effective implementation of the professional development activities into classroom instruction. School site administrators, as the instructional leaders of the schools, will be involved in professional development activities in order to effectively monitor instruction.

We provide a safe, clean, and well equipped technological environment that is conducive to learning. Our staff is professional, creative, innovative, and supportive of each other and our students. Our mission is to facilitate student learning in the classroom by being consistent, setting high expectations, utilizing data, aligning our goals and objectives, and utilizing research-based initiatives to yield the best possible results. Citrus Grove Middle School strives to provide an academically and technologically challenging environment that will enable students to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners through enriching experiences which will
prepare them for a society of their time.


Ms. Cory R. Rodriguez





School Colors:

Gold and Navy Blue



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9:10 a.m. to 3:50 p.m.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)